Congrats Precious Jenkins

Congrats Precious Jenkins

OKC Hot Spots recently ran a contest asking the readers to nominate a service professional who has given back to the community of OKC in some way.  We had so many excellent submissions it was hard to chose just one. After reviewing the entries, one professional in particular really stood out to us. Serving in an industry that is often undervalued monetarily and doing the selfless work of pouring into the minds of children, we knew that this teacher was more than deserving of being our winner.

Congratulations to Precious Jenkins, the 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher at John Marshall School. 

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Precious was nominated by Amanda Guliford and the following was said about this incredible woman:

“She is dedicated to teaching the kids and giving them the education they need to survive. She is one of the few teachers in Oklahoma who still cares for our children and loves teaching instead of “just getting a paycheck”. She’s hard on the kids but that’s because she cares and it pays off. The kids and myself just adore her.”

Additional comments continued to pour in about Precious Jenkins and we were overwhelmed at her efforts on a daily basis to make an investment into the next generation. 

Here are a few more examples and responses of this talented lady’s efforts:

WOW…nice to be recognized for being true to yourself and teaching!! You have the heart of a servant, (you could teach anywhere and chose to be making a difference) the kind I always want for my (now) grandkids!!!

So thrilled for you Mz. Jenkins!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Precious! Yes, you rock! You are a phenomenal teacher and person! I love you!

 If you don’t know her, you should…she is an amazing young lady who doesn’t pull any punches but I learn something from every conversation!!!

Congrats Precious. So proud of you. OAA proud!

Congratulations Precious one. You are the best!

We hope that you see just a few of the many reasons Precious Jenkins was chosen as our winner of OKC Hot Spots. Congratulations Precious and thank you for serving the school and community of John Marshall! Enjoy your gift card and keep pressing on in the lives of the students that value you and the work being done in their lives. 

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Cafe Veranda & Berrilicious

Cafe Veranda & Berrilicious

Family owned and operated Cafe Veranda brings a diverse menu of wonderful options to tempt your palette. Known for their salads, pizzas, and grill items, there is something for everyone.


Cafe Veranda offers a relaxing atmosphere for couples, families, and friends to meet and hang out. Nestled next door to the Cafe Veranda is Berri Licious, a live culture frozen yogurt experience.


 Both venues are owned by the same family and are connected through a walk way on the inside. After you have your dinner you can just walk next door to get a healthy and delicious dessert!

Located at 15220 N Western Ave in Edmond, these two spots are sure to be hit with all who try it.

Hours of Operation are 11:00 to 8:00 Mon thru Saturday. Be sure to tell them OKC Hot Spots sent ya!


Waters Edge Winery

Waters Edge Winery

Waters Edge Winery in the heart of downtown OKC on Automobile Alley is not just any winery.  This unique family owned wine hot spot is known for it’s warm family environment and creating events that bring the communities of OKC together.

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Waters Edge makes their wines from local sources and is committed to providing the best flavor in wine featuring over 50 different varieties.

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You may have heard of Waters Edge Winery’s First Friday’s Events where they feature different brands, have wine tasting, and often support local groups and charities at different times. There is one happening tonight Nov 4th!

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So head on over to Waters Edge Winery this weekend and tell em OKC Hot Spots sent ya!

Located on Automobile Alley in OKC at:

712 N. Broadway Ave. 
Oklahoma City