Lyric Theater’s A Christmas Carol Play

Lyric Theater’s A Christmas Carol Play

Everyone knows the story of Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol. The beloved tale of the miser Scrooge who is visited by three ghosts to help show him the way to happiness. Watching this story played out on the stage is a treat for any Christmas loving person. And what better way to see it than in the Plaza district put on by Lyric Theater.


The play features a unique atmosphere in an intimate setting where actors fly overhead, snow falls from the “sky”, and birds are heard chirping all around before the play starts. You really feel like you have been transported back to London decades ago. The nostalgia of the season is present with carols, costumes, and a high production value.


Each ghost of Christmas past, present, and future is uniquely designed to capture the spirit of the characters. The acting is superb and highly professional. This is the 6th year that Lyric has done the play and they decided to freshen it up a bit with new actors, swapping roles with others, and different costumes. They haven’t altered the heart of the story or the music, but to give the locals who come year after year, it was a new treat to see things they haven’t before.


So if you are looking for something fun to do this Christmas, head on over for a night of arts and entertainment at Lyric Theater! 

To purchase tickets or for more info, go HERE.