Food trucks have become an American staple at festivals and events. Each one seems to offer their own unique flare, and Blue J’s Rollin Grill is no different. With it’s signature red,white, and blue themed truck they bring American cuisine and music to the masses.


One of Blue J’s specialties is their salmon burger. You read that right, a salmon burger that is full of flavor and a healthier option for those that long to get their omega 3’s.


Here’s what others are saying online about this fresh, fun, and new food truck:

“Food was so tasty and filling! I loved there salmon burger and chilli I can’t wait to try more and definitely will be! The people are so friendly and personable. If you haven’t tried them yet make sure and hunt them down! Keep rocking it Blue J’s!!”
blue-js-burger“Absolutely amazing!! The food and the people are outstanding. It’s a whole experience that you can really get immersed in and lose track of time. It’s so much more than a food truck, it’s what America is all about! Go Blue J’s and Go USA!”

“These people know what it takes to be successful!!! They are amazing people with amazing food and an amazing concept!!!! Seriously, if I had a choice of my last meal, I’d have the biggest plate of their Mac and cheese with Cincinnati style chili!! It’s sooooooooogood. Maybe if I could convince them to adopt me, I could eat their food all the time??”

**Be sure to check out their Facebook page to see where and when Blue J’s Rollin Grill will be and stop by and get to know the owners, The Spurlock’s, and tell them OKC Hot Spots sent ya!